Testimonial tweets

A Carrd plugin template for displaying a wall of selected tweets. You can use it to showcase any social proof, customer testimonials or reviews from Twitter.The tweets section is lazy loading, meaning it displays only when the visitor scrolls to the tweets section. This helps your visitor see your site fast on initial page load. Example below:

Customer testimonials

Tutorial on how to use this plugin here.

Made by @jasonleowsg, using lozad.js

If you prefer an app that requires less fiddling with embedded code, Senja might be the right tool for you. Check it out (affiliate link).

📣 New Carrd plugin released: Mega nav bar


Here's how you can add your own tweets to the testimonial tweets plugin:1. Go to the Embed element containing the testimonial tweets code, find the body tag and find this code:<div class="masonry">
<div class="lozad" data-twitter-src="https://twitter.com/pluginsforcarrd/status/1618963031567831045"></div> ...
2. Change the URL of the src of the placeholder tweet to the URL of the tweet you want to show:<div class="lozad" data-twitter-src="https://twitter.com/sometwittername/status/123456678901234567"></div>3. Go to the next div and repeat step #2 to embed another tweet. Repeat until you embedded all the tweets you want.4. If there's placeholder tweets remaining, take note to delete the entire div, like this:<div class="lozad" data-twitter-src="https://twitter.com/pluginsforcarrd/status/1618963031567831045"></div>5. If you need to add more tweets, copy the entire div, like this:<div class="lozad" data-twitter-src="https://twitter.com/pluginsforcarrd/status/1618963031567831045"></div>6. Then paste it in a new line after the previous div, after the closing </div> tag:<div class="lozad" data-twitter-src="https://twitter.com/pluginsforcarrd/status/1618963031567831045"></div>
___ *paste new div here*
6. Done! 👍